Aluminium matrix composites from CMMC GmbH

AMCs are reinforced aluminium alloys. Reinforcements can be fibers, whiskers and particles in various shapes and dimensions. We are involved in the production of particle-reinforced aluminium alloys. The used particles are primarily ceramics, but the reinforcing particles can also be metallic. We prefer silicon carbide (SiC) reinforced aluminium alloys, because there we see the greatest demand from the industry. While conventional processes for the production of metal matrix composites (MMCs) have so far been inefficient and difficult economically applicable, we have developed a rational casting process for the efficient series production of high-strength MMCs. We offer a homogeneous aluminium- matrix composite on an industrial scale. 

The special features of the CMMC-Process


The complex stir casting processes,

in which the aluminum melt is mixed with the reinforcing particles is time-consuming. The mixtures are produced in a batch process, which is also limited by the crucible size.


In time- and energy-consuming sintering processes

matrix and reinforcing component are mixed together as powder. Then the mixture is sintered at high temperature and partially under pressure. Sintering processes are severely restricted in terms of batch size and shape. The cost-intensive powder production also prevented series production until now. 


In our patented inline stirring process 

the process steps run one after the other. After melting the aluminium alloy, particle injection, homogenisation and casting or transfer to further processes take place. All steps follow each other closely without break times. 

The CMMC process is thus characterised

by its efficiency. The semi-finished products of the AMCs are cast in a continuous process, which enables us to ensure a sustainable production. This also enables us to react specifically to customer requirements.

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  • Process for large volumes

    The AMC reinforcement particles were previously produced in inefficient powder metallurgical processes. However, these did not allow for an industrial solution. With our process, we provide you with a homogeneous material for high-quality components on an industrial scale. 

  • Great functional properties

    With the aimed combination of metallic matrix and reinforcement particles, we adjust the AMC material to the wanted tribological, mechanical and/or thermal properties. In this way, you implement the slim design features of lightweight construction even for highly stressed components.

  • Energy-saving potentials due to lightweight construction applications

    With AMC lightweight materials, you can combine high economic potential with efficient resource protection. Due to the weight reductions in moving masses, the energy input is reduced significantly.

  • ­­Recycling of the Metal Component

    As part of the crucible melt extraction process, we separate the metallic portion of the material from the non-metal phase. Subsequently, we return the aluminium to the production process as part of a closed-loop economy.

  • Customized order processing

    A CMMC employee is personally at your side for the entire order. We support you from the first request to the development of the right material for your specific application. We provide you everything from one source.

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AMCs from CMMC in comparison

Aluminium alloys are one of preferred choice when the focus is to weight-reduced designs in lightweight constructions. However, the weight reduction often also reduces the durability and safety of the component. In our composite material, we combine an aluminium matrix with ceramic particles, resulting in a completely new property profile. It combines the lightness of conventional aluminium alloys with the wear resistance (especially abrasive wear) of ceramics.