Welcome to CMMC GmbH – the innovator in the traditional casting industry. CMMC stands for Cast Metal Matrix Composites or general for cast composites.

Our answer to omnipresent demands for lightweight construction, energy savings, and resource efficiency is the development and application of novel composites which elegantly combine the properties of disparate materials. In this way, we do away with the limitations imposed by the use of monolithic materials.

CMMC GmbH, a successful Startup company from the University of Technology Chemnitz, develops MMC-structure materials of varying compositions, which is a promising solution to the current needs of industry. To start with, we are limiting ourselves to materials with the highest application potential – particle-reinforced aluminium alloys, abbreviated AMC. In this pursuit, we use an innovative manufacturing process which enables the continuous production of AMC materials on an industrially relevant scale, enabling the saving of energy not only in the material manufacturing process but also in their final application. We are turning AMCs from a niche product into a material with myriad applications.


Commercial Vehicle Industry

Automobile Industry

Mechanical Engineering Industry

Research and Consulting


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Visit us at the Hannover Messe 2022

From 2022-05-30 to 2022-06-01, we will be exhibiting at the Hannover Messe in StartUp Hall 3 at the joint stand by futureSAX.

Please feel free to visit our stand. We look forward to seeing you! Please contact us if you still need tickets for the expo. We can help out with a very limited contingent. "Nothing easier than that."

Casting trials successfully carried out with pilot customers

FILL GmbH more than satisfied with casting trials: On 8 and 9 November, we travelled to Austria to visit one of our first customers in order to carry out casting trials with AMC material together.

The first day was dedicated to getting to know each other personally, as well as technical discussions about our casting process and its possible integration into existing manufacturing processes. On the second day, it was down to the nitty-gritty: together with a cooperation partner from FILL GmbH, thirteen test components were successfully cast from AMC materials. We would like to thank FILL GmbH and their cooperation partner for the trust they have placed in us and see this interim success as a basis for continued successful cooperation.

On our return journey on 10 November, our research partner, the Fraunhofer IGCV in Munich, gave us a guided tour by Dr.-Ing. Steffen Klan through the institute's building, which was newly inaugurated in October. We were able to see for ourselves the great possibilities at the institute and wish all employees joyful work at the new location. Hopefully we will soon be able to conduct research in a joint project in the field of AMC materials.


Receiving the Prize of the TUClab Competition 2020

Accompanying the first place finish in the TUClab Competition on 02.10.2020 was a prize of financing through the SBG (Sächsische Beteiligungsgesllschaft mbH, a Saxon investment firm).

On 29.06.2021, our CEO, Dr. Ing. Marcel Graf, signed the relevant contracts in the presence of both SBG representatives Mirko Zieschank and Jens Peter. We look forward to our future working together and are pleased to have secured such an essential building block for the starting phase of our company. 

Founding of CMMC GmbH

On 12.02.2021, we finally reached a special milestone:

At 13:00, we founded CMMC GmbH together with our notary, Arne Schwerd, and our attorney, Gerrit Niebergall of the law firm Neuerburg and Peters. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.

The Process

Melt Extraction in a Low-Pressure Casting Process

The melting of the metal matrix occurs in a vacuum-capable, electrically heated resistance furnace with a maximum temperature on 950 ℃, which enables the production of aluminium melt. The produced metal melt is subsequently transferred into the processing chamber through the generation of a pressure difference. 

Particle Injection

In order for an MMC melt to develop out of the metal melt, heated particles are added in defined amounts to the metal melt during the vacuum casting process. In contrast to other injection procedures, the available surface of the melt is minimised so that the particle content is maximised.

Mixing Process

To ensure a homogeneous and qualitatively high-value MMC melt, the injected particles must be wetted by a metal matrix and the gas pockets removed. The quality of the MMC melt is facilitated by the predominant vacuum conditions.


Through the application of large, partially automatised casting chambers, different casting moulds (primarily permanent moulds) can be generated in a continuous fashion for the production of bars, ingots, and semi-finished products for further processing.



Materials for the casting industry for remelting and casting.


Semi-finished products for forming technology and mechanical finishing.


Apply our process in your finishing line.


Creation of customised solutions and consulting on material-specific questions.


We, Dr. Eng. Marcel Graf, Robert Pippig, Regina Hessenmüller-Lampke, Jens Winter and Dr. Eng. Thomas Grund, have set out to turn metal matrix composites (MMC) from a niche product into a widely applicable one. We are united in our drive to successfully transfer cutting-edge research results and innovations from the laboratory/science to industry.

Marcel Graf, who studied as a casting mechanical engineer (TU Bergakademie Freiberg), leads our company as the CEO. The technical side is managed by Robert Pippig, our experienced specialist in the field of AMC materials. Regina Hessenmüller-Lampke, our financial wizard, brings decades of experience in the banking industry into the fold. Our production benefits from the immense experience of our foundry mechanic Jens Winter. The fifth of our number, Thomas Grund, keeps us in close contact with the latest in university research.