New Materials with Traditional Casting Technologies



Welcome to CMMC GmbH - the innovator in the traditional foundry business. Ubiquitous demands for lightweight construction alongside energy and resource efficiency while exhibiting good application properties quickly stretch conventional materials to their limits. The solution is to use composite materials, e.g. aluminium matrix composites (AMC), which combine the strengths of disparate materials. However, the application of AMCs in the broader sphere has been hindered by the currently still-complex manufacturing processes and thus limited availability. CMMC GmbH is taking action to change that! With our novel, patented casting technology, we are taking AMC materials out of the niche and into broad application.

Global Trends and Challenges

CO2 Reduction

By using innovative AMC lightweight materials, you can significantly reduce the energy consumption of vehicles. Rotating or unsprung masses, as used in braking systems for example, are greatly decreased, allowing for the significant reduction in exhaust emissions.

Energy-Efficient Production

Casting of steel and aluminium alloys is responsible for around six percent of global CO2 emissions. In comparison to that of conventional materials, however, in our case, the production of AMCs results in far fewer CO2 emissions due to the continuous process control and process chain combination.


Highly stressed components last longer, so AMC components have a longer life cycle. AMC composites are characterised by their high resilience and are able to be recycled. Furthermore, components can be remelted at any time and returned to the production cycle.

Local Production

All semi-finished products and ingots of AMCs we offer are produced exclusively here in Germany. At every point in the value chain, we only use locally available raw materials. In this way, we guarantee you a stable supply chain and reliable adherence to delivery dates. 

Our Services

Lightweight Materials for Serial Production

Ingots & Bars

Use our standardised ingots to melt AMC material and cast it into your mould components.

Particle Injection

Together with you, we develop semi-finished products for a wide range of forming, machining, and processing operations. We will also manufacture your semi-finished products as near-net-shape blanks.

Further Processing R&D

We support you in finding and developing suitable AMC compositions for your specific application.


Integrate the AMC production process into your own process line! CMMC GmbH offers you the necessary plant technology and the knowledge for configuration. 

  • Improved resitance to wear, strength and mechanical properties compared to conventional aluminium materials

  • 15-45 µm

    particle size of silicon carbide (SiC) for reinforcement

  • Adaptable properties profile to fit application

  • 100%

    Uniform homogeneous castings

  • Excellent thermal properties