Data Protection Policy of CMMC GmbH

Thank you for your interest in CMMC CmbH. In the following, you will find important information about the topic of data protection.

Personal data (hereafter mainly referred to as “data”) will be processed by us within the boundaries of necessity, such as for the purposes of providing of a functional and user-friendly website, inclusive of its contents as well as the services offered there.

In accordance with Art. 4 Clause 1 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, also known as the “Datenschutz-Grundverordnung” or “Basic Regulations for Data Protection” (hereafter referred to only as “DSGVO”), the following activities fall within the realm of “processing”: each operation conducted with or without the help of automated processes or each such operation sequence in connection with personal data, such as, for example, collection, acquisition, organisation, ordering, saving, adaptation or changing, reading out, requests, the application thereof, disclosure via transmission, distribution or another form of dissemination, the comparison or connection of data, and the restriction, deletion or destruction thereof.

With the following data protection statement, we will inform you particularly about the type, scope, purpose, length of time, and legal basis of the processing of personal data, insofar as we will decide either alone or in tandem with another about the purposes and method of the processing. Moreover, we will inform you subsequently about the third-party components we use for the purposes of optimisation and also increasing quality of use, insofar as third parties are in turn responsible for their own data processing procedures.

Our data protection statement is organised as follows:

  1. Information about Us as the responsible Parties
  2. Rights of the Users and affected Parties
  3. Information concerning the processing of Data


I. Information about Us as the responsible Parties

The provider responsible for this website in terms of data protection laws is

Emilienstraße 45
09131 Chemnitz

Data Protection Officer: Regina Hessenmüller-Lampke
Phone: +49 (0) 176 32111272
E-Mail :

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


II. Rights of the Users and affected Parties

Withdrawal of your consent to Data Handling

Several processes of data handling are only possible with your explicit consent. Once you have given your consent, you may withdraw it at any time. To withdraw consent, an informal communication by e-Mail is sufficient. Any data handling already preformed prior to the withdrawal of consent remains within the bounds of legality.


Rights of Appeal to the responsible supervisory Office

In cases of a breach of data protection law, as the affected party, you are entitled to an appeal to the responsible supervisory office. The responsible office regarding questions to data protection law is the state data protection supervisor of the state in which our business is located. The following link offers a list of data protection supervisors in addition to their contact data:


Rights to the transferability of Data

You are entitled to transfer data which we have automatically processed on the grounds of your consent or in fulfilment of a contract to either yourself or to a third party. The provision occurs in a machine-readable format. If you have requested the direct transference of the data to another responsible party, this will only occur as far as it is technically possible.


Rights to transferability of Data

Within the bounds of the valid legal provisions, at any time and at no charge, you have the right to the disclosure of your saved personal data, the origin of the data, the receivers thereof and the purpose of the data handling and, when appropriate, the right to correction, blocking, or deletion of this data. Should you have questions regarding this or anything else concerning your personal data, you can get in touch with us at any time using the contact information provided in the colophon.


III. Information concerning the processing of Data

Your data which is processed during the use of our website is deleted or made inaccessible as soon as the purpose behind the saving of the data lapses, the deletion of the data is not in conflict with any legal obligations for the retention of the data, and no other data for singular handling processes are being subsequently made.


SSL or TLS Encryption

For security reasons and for the protection of the transferral of confidential content that you send to us as the host of the site, our website uses an SSL or TLS encryption. With it, the data that you send over this website is unreadable by a third party. You can recognize an encrypted connection through a “https://” and lock symbol in the address bar of your browser.


Contact Form

Should you get in contact with us regarding questions of any type through e-Mail or the contact form, you grant us your voluntary consent for the purposes of collecting your contact information. For this, the disclosure of a valid e-Mail address is required. This serves for the assignment of the request and similarly for the subsequent response. The disclosure of additional data is optional. The data you provide will be saved for the purposes of processing the request and also for possible follow-up questions. Data sent via the contact form remain with us until you request that we delete the data, withdraw your consent for the saving of the data, or there is no longer necessary to keep the data saved. Legally mandated provisions – particularly in regards to supervisory time periods – are unaffected by this.


Server Data

For technical reasons, in particular for the guarantee of a safe and stable website, data is transmitted to us through your internet browser, or rather transmitted to our webspace provider. With these so-called server logfiles, the type and version of your internet browser, the operating system, the website from which you came to our website (referrer URL), the pages of our website which you visit, the date and time of each visit, and also the IP address of the internet connection from which our website is accessed are collected, amongst other things.

The data collected in this manner are temporarily saved, but not in connection with other data from you.

This saving occurs on the legal basis of Art. 6 Section. 1 lit. f) DSGVO. Our justified interest thereby lies in the improvement, stability, functionality, and security of our website.

The data will be deleted after seven days at the latest, insofar as no further storage thereof is required for evidential purposes. Otherwise, the data are exempt from deletion either entirely or in part until final clarification of an incident.



a) Session Cookies

Additionally, our website uses so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files or other storage technology which are deposited from your internet browser onto your device and then saved. Through these cookies, certain information about you, such as, for example, your browser, location, or IP address, is processed on an individual basis.

Through this processing, our website becomes more user friendly, more effective, and safer, since the processing enables, for example, the reproduction of our website in different languages or the option of a basket function.

The legal basis of this processing is Art. 6 Section 1. lit b.) DSGVO, provided that the data obtained from these cookies is processed for the initiation or settlement of a contract.

In cases where the processing does not serve the initiation or settlement of a contract, we are justified by our interest in the improvement of the functionality of our website. The legal basis then stems from Art. 6 Section 1 lit. f) DSGVO.

These session cookies are deleted upon closure of your internet browser.


b) ´Third Party Cookies

When necessary, cookies from partner businesses, with whom we work in cooperation for the purposes of advertisements, analysis, or the functionality of our website, will be used with our website.

The details of which, particularly in regards to the purposes of and the legal basis for the processing of such third-party cookies, can be found in the following information.


c) Removal Possibilities

You can prevent or limit the installation of cookies through the relevant setting of your internet browser. In the same manner, you can delete cookies already saved on your machine at any time. The required steps and measures for this depend, however, on which internet browser you use. In case of questions, please use the help function or the documentation for your particular internet browser or directly contact your browser’s developer or its support team. With so-called Flash Cookies, the processing thereof cannot be prevented through the adjustment of your browser settings. Instead, you must directly change the settings of your Flash Player as necessary. As before with the internet browser, the steps and measures required for this depend on your particular Flash Player. In case of questions, please use the help function or the documentation of your particular Flash Player or get in touch directly with its developer or its user support team.

Should you prevent or limit the installation of cookies, this can lead to circumstances where not all elements of our website will be completely useable.


Use of Google Analytics

On our website, we use Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web-analysis service offered by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA. This company will hereafter be referred to only as “Google”.

Through the certification of the EU-US Privacy Shield

Google guarantees that the requirements for the protection of data established by the EU will be upheld during the handling of data in the USA.

The service Google Analytics serves to analyse the user behaviour of our website. The legal basis for this is Art. 6 Section 1. lit. f) DSGVO. The justification for our interest lies in the analysis, optimisation, and the business operations of our website.

Information pertaining to the use and users of this website, such as, for example, IP address, place, time, and/or frequency of visits, will be transferred to a Google server in the USA and saved there. In all cases, we use Google Analytics with the so-called anonymisation function, which shortens the IP address received by Google to an address that only shows that it originates from somewhere within the EU, or rather within the European Economic Area (EEA).

The data obtained in this manner will be used by Google in order to provide us with an evaluation of the visit to our website, such as information pertaining to user activity. Additionally, the data can be used in order to provide additional services which require the combined use of our website and the internet.

Google declares that your IP address will not be connected to other data. Google has made available further information concerning both this and additional data protection rights at policies/privacy/partners

and thus also, for example, the possibilities that exist to prevent the use of the data.

For this purpose, Google offers a so-called deactivation add-on alongside addition information about it at

This add-on can be installed onto a suitable internet browser and offers more control over the data that Google collects through the loading of our website. As a part of this, the add-on notifies the JavaScript (ga.js) of Google Analytics that the information pertaining to the visit to our website should not be transmitted to Google Analytics. This, however, does not prevent the transmission of the information to us or to other web traffic analysis services. Information pertaining to whether other web traffic analysis services will be employed by us, and, if so, which ones, can naturally be obtained here in this data protection statement.


Use of Google Fonts

On our internet website, we utilise Google Fonts for the display of external fonts. Google Fonts is a service offered by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA. This company will hereafter be referred to only as “Google”.

Through the certification of the EU-US Privacy Shield

Google guarantees that the requirements for the protection of data established by the EU will be upheld during the handling of data in the USA.

In order to enable to display of certain fonts on our website, a connection to the Google server in the USA will be made upon the loading our website.

The legal basis for this is found in Art. 6. Section 1. lit. f) DSGVO. The justification for our interest lies in the optimisation and the business operations of our website.

Through the connection to Google established during the loading of our webpage, Google is able to determine from which website your request was sent and to which IP address the display of the font is transmitted.

Google offers further information concerning this at and

You can prevent the tracking through Google Analytics through the use of the deactivation tools offered by Google for select internet browsers. Furthermore, you are able to prevent not only Google from collecting personal data produced by Google Analytics and by the use of the website (including your IP address) but also the processing of this data by Google if you have downloaded and installed the available browser plug-in found at the following link:


Future Changes of our Data Protection Provisions

We reserve the right to adjust this data protection statement so that it remains in compliance with current legal requirements or in order to implement changes to our services in the data protection statement, e.g., with the introduction of new services. For your next visit, the new data protection statement is then valid.


Additional Data Protection Information for Applicants

Scope of Data Handling

In the course of the application process, only data that you provided to us in your documentation (e.g., name, contact information, date and place of birth, photo) will be processed.


Purpose and Legal Basis of the Data Handling

The evaluation of your personal data is the basis for the participation in the application process. Furthermore, the assessment of the suitability of the applicant for the to-be-filled position should be made possible by means of the provided data. Without this information, we cannot consider your application for the application process.

Permission to handle data for the performance of pre-contractual actions is based on Art. 6. Section 1 lit. b DS-GVO.


Receiver of Data in the Context of the Application Process

Within our company, only those branches and employees which are involved in the conductance of the application process receive your personal data.

Furthermore, and on a case-by-case basis, the transmittance of relevant data to a third party on the grounds of legal conditions or contractual agreements may come into consideration. These third parties can be contract processors, such as, for example, the payroll department or tax advisors.


Length of Time of Processing Your Data

The length of time your data is stored is at minimum as long as the timespan required by the application process. Irrespective of this, in cases of cancellation, we will delete your information at the latest six months after the communication of the cancellation.

In cases of a successful application, we will save the information in your personnel file for additional handling for the maintenance of the employment agreement.

Apart from that, we would refer entirely to our aforementioned general information regarding data protection and the collected data protection information for the use of our website.


Last Updated On: 3rd of July, 2021